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Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 


I have known Nathan professionally for more than ten years. He has a unique combination of journeyman skills and advanced education that is extremely rare and valuable.

I completely agree with Nathan’s views on the exceptional value great reliability can bring to the bottom line.  Many of today’s business leaders don’t fully understand the value that great, consistent reliability can bring to the success of a business.  And they certainly do not properly value the experience and talent a skilled craftsperson brings in gaining reliability.  Journeyman training programs are being replaced with abbreviated technical programs to speed employees into the field where they are unprepared to face some of the complex problems they will be expected to resolve in their jobs.

How we encourage young people to go down this path, which takes real commitment, hard work, and dedication starts with parents, teachers and businesses.  If the growing gap and deficit in truly skilled reliability leadership continues as Nathan suggests, there will be a lot of business pain along this long road.  But today’s leaders can get a jump start by supporting the certified, comprehensive journeyman training programs for their developing employees. 

In today’s business world, we see a huge number of senior executives who have excellent backgrounds in legal, accounting, financial, etc., but lack a basic understanding and knowledge on what truly drives high performance in their business.  Consultants are overused as a quick fix, resulting in huge expenses and few lasting improvement in many cases.  Nathan is right in that it is this disconnection between many senior executives and “the business” that leads to a lack of support for nurturing and developing strong craft skill sets in the workforce.

I especially liked Nathan’s write-up on Transformational Leadership—empowering great people to perform and reach their full potential.  They motivate and support their leadership teams, are positive thinkers, create inspirational vision that drives motivation into their teams.  The opposite, Industrial Leaders (transactional), are all about position, policy, and micro-management—the death of great employees.

Leaders should recognize the value in skilled craftspeople, and make sure they understand the connection between hands-on experience, matched with strong leadership, and the value great reliability brings to a business.  I fully agree with many of Nathan’s positions and see a huge value for leaders and business managers to invest in this book. 

- Steve Holmes, Chief Operating Officer, KGHM International, a subsidiary of KGHM Polska Miedz

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