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Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

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There is a difference that I can Prove!

Schaeffer's is the oldest lubricant manufacturing company in the US. They were in the business of lubricants 20 years before the discovery of oil in the US. They are 100% American made with 100% American products. They have no pier in the industry and I can prove it. 

Many organizations do know realize that there is a significant difference in lubricants. If you are using a lubricant with a gas company's name on it, you are using an inferior product. Gas companies are in the business of making gas not lubricants. What they use for lubricants is the left overs. They buy crude oil that will make them the most profit when they sell the gas. 

Putting Lipstick on a Pig!

Another common mistake made in reliability is to allow your lubricant provider to mange your lubrication program. This is a fatal mistake. Their interest is in selling your lubricants and specifically those that make them the most money. They lack real world hands-on experience in running a plant or maintenance organization and do not know about or care about your reliability. I repeatedly hear my clients say that they have a good lubrication program because their provider says so. 

Organization spend more time evaluating their toilet paper purchases then they do their lubrication. Spending money fixing your lubrication processes and procedures before selecting a premium lubricant is a waste of money. Optimize all you want, but you are putting lipstick on a pig.