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Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 

Reliability Consultant

  • I am an experts in maintenance and reliability management. I have over 30 years of experience in reliability consulting and in the reliability and maintenance management field.
  • I work with all industries. I've helped businesses across the spectrum, from large companies with many locations to smaller companies with a single location. This means whatever size or industry type, I've already got solid experience with your situation.
  • I provide customized consulting. I do not apply cookie cutter solutions. Maintenance and Reliability improvements will be customized to each operation’s culture, financial constraints, existing union agreements, and the current work system.

  • My maintenance and reliability philosophy is based on experience and common sense. Most importantly, it has proven to be highly accepted by operations and maintenance personnel, managers, as well as hourly personnel and union representation.

Can you Count on Your Equipment?

Reliabiity at its peak

New parts fail in three phases along the bathtub curve. One goal of maintenance and reliability is to ensure the parts reach the third and final phase known as "wear out".  Any failure in the first two phases results in loss of component life and possibly unscheduled downtime (increased costs). 

The three main reasons (forced deterioration) a part fails prematurely, in infant mortality, is:

  • Improper Lubrication
  • Contamination
  • Improper Installation

One goal of TPS is to work alongside your team to reduce and eliminate these main reasons for infant mortality through continuous improvement of your proactive reliability strategy.