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Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 

Lubrication is a must with respect to reliability, but what exactly is lubrication? Webster’s dictionary defines lubrication as the application of some oil or grease substance to diminish friction. Although this definition is valid, it does not realize everything that lubrication or proper lubrication can achieve. It is this simple definition that is often why organizations place little or no importance on lubrication. They lack the thorough knowledge of reliability and how lubrication impacts it. I am giving organizations the benefit of the doubt here. Because if they understand its importance and do nothing to ensure its complete proper application, that would make them criminally liable. Think of your lubrication systems as the circulation system in your body. To stay alive, you need to do a lot of proactive reliability efforts.

The driving force behind the need for a lubrication program is because 70% of all unreliability is caused by a lack of a lubrication program. Improper lubrication causes mechanical wear and premature equipment/component failure, or unreliability.

Mechanical wear of equipment components is common, and this is particularly true where improper lubrication is an issue. Particle and moisture contamination along with wrong or degraded lubricants are the prevalent causes creating rust on metal components, increasing oxidation rate which leads to increased acid within the components.

Lubrication Storage Before
Lubrication Storage After