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Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 

Transformational Performance Solutions - Coaching

At Transformational Performance Solutions, we do not only educate and develop, but we implement and coach execution of what we have agreed with our clients to improve. 

To help our clients improve reliability and maintenance performance we spend most of our time with on-site, on-the-job implementation of a more efficient work system.  There is a difference between "CONSULTING" and "COACHING".  Consulting is when TPS helps you identify where your opportunities are. Coaching is when TPS works alongside your team to improve your proactive reliability strategies, programs, and actual tasks. TPS works mostly with coaching, but does occasionally engage in consulting, such as documenting Preventive Maintenance tasks or step in as maintenance managers.

As Coaches, TPS will transfer knowledge and work procedures to your team as accurately and quickly as possible.  We believe in practical, hands-on solutions to improve equipment reliability. 

TPS brings a wealth of experience in reliability and maintenance improvement projects.  We have worked all over the world in all types of industries.

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling

A short definition of maintenance planning and scheduling: 

Planning is what, how and length of time required for a job. Scheduling is when and who will do the job. Planning of a job should be done before scheduling a job.

A support step in implementation after a maintenance assessment is usually maintenance planning and scheduling.  Transformational Performance Solutions can help your organization with:

  • Customized or standard on-site classroom training in planning and scheduling
  • Coaching and development of your team to improve planning and scheduling on-site

Classroom training helps increase planning and scheduling awareness, however, in order to achieve sustainable improvement, training has to be followed by hands-on development coaching or very mediocre results will be achieved.

On site and on-the-job development of a better work management process is – combined with a good proactivcondition based preventive maintenance program and an up to date accessible bill of materials – the most important process used to enable people to become more productive.

Implementation and coaching of better planning and scheduling is usually customized to our client. Typical activities include:

  • Define or verify existing work processes.
  • Make sure all key functions such as planners, supervisors, and operations coordinators have clear roles.
  • Set clear priority rules and establish meaning and criteria for existing codes.
  • Improve work request usage and clarity.
  • Check backlog management and clean up if needed.
  • On-the-job planning enhancement for shutdowns (if applicable).
  • Shutdown/ Turnaround critique communication.
  • On-The-Job planning enhancement for day-to-day work.
  • Job package creation.
  • Staging areas.
  • Enhance and practice planning and scheduling meetings between operations and maintenance.
  • Implement Key Performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • Work on effective use of CMMS.
  • Hands-on support for history documentation.
  • Improvement of technical database (Bill Of Materials, technical data, equipment identification, etc.)
  • Improve integration with materials management
  • Contractor management and integration of work processes.

TPS believes strongly in making sure the change process has buy-in and ownership in the organization.

It is therefore important that client’s organization takes ownership as soon as possible. 

TPS role is to act as a catalyst and accelerator to coach improvements.