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Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 

Failure Modes Effect Analysis and Most Importantly its Elimination

Instead of the common approach of Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) Transformational Performance Solutions believes the elimination of the problem better describes the desired results of a Reliability process. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) indicates that the desired outcome is to analyze the root cause of a failure. The desired outcome should be to eliminate the problem before it ever occurs.

The basic concept of any problem solving method is to use a number of structured steps to arrive accurately at the true mode of the problem in order to eliminate it. TPS focuses on what we believe most operations need:

  • A simplified, structured, practical approach to eliminating problems for the front-line (hourly & first line supervision), to enable root cause analysis and elimination of problem on the plant floor.
  • Training and support for facilitators when going through root cause analysis and problem solving sessions
  • Support to implement a complete root cause problem elimination business process for the plant

We see that a majority of all problems can be eliminated by training and implementing basic problem solving methods for the front-line organization (operators, craftspeople, planners and first line supervision). The remaining problems that are harder to solve should go through more structured problem solving where more people are involved. The second level of problem solving requires facilitator support.

Training is important, but the Root Cause process must be embedded in your organization to be sustainable. 

This process includes:

  • How to record problems.
  • How to select problems to be analyzed.
  • What triggers are to be used.
  • How to document solutions.
  • How to share results within your plant and between several plants.
  • Use results for autonomous training.

The training classes we offer are:

  • Root Cause Analysis Training for the front-line organization

The implementation support and on-the-job training includes:

  • Design and implementation of the work processes, documentation, and measurement of process.
  • On-the-job root cause analysis using your problems
  • On-the-job training for facilitators of Root Cause Analysis