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Common Sense Maintenance and Reliability 

Proactive Reliability Strategy

Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional

Transformational Performance Solutions can help your organization define a clear and simple Reliability and Maintenance Strategy. The strategy usually includes:

  • Step 1: The dream or future state
  • Step 2: The discover or current state
  • Step 3: The design or how do we close the gap

Step 1: The Dream or Future State

Transformational Performance Solutions uses broad base understanding of current maintenance and reliability practices as a starting point for discussion. TPS facilitates the discussion where leadership from your company develops the reliability and maintenance strategy. At first glance, it may seem strange that one industry would have very similar work practices to another and vice versa, but the work practices end up being similar since we maintain similar components (Motors, bearings, cylinders, etc.). When the company leadership agrees to what practices they want, TPS revises and documents these practices for the Client. Client’s have seen huge benefit in going through practices in reliability and maintenance with their leadership.  Alignment and understanding is often greatly improved.

Step 2: The Discover or Current State

Transformational Performance Solutions will use the customized practices for your company to assess a operation or several operations in your organization to determine the status of current practices in each operation. TPS’s reliability and maintenance assessment methodology allows the assessment to be done by TPS, or a combination of TPS and the Client's team.

Step 3: The Design or How do we close the Gap

Transformational Performance Solutions and the client jointly develop an implementation plan for the improvement opportunities we have identified. TPS will contribute with experience in maintenance and reliability change management experience in many industries. The implementation plan will be built by your team using TPS as a catalyst and one-on-one coach.

One-on-one coaching - leadership development

IEEE example of field leadership

Transformational Performance Solutions can help your maintenance managers strengthen their leadership skills. Our consultants have real work experience as maintenance managers, maintenance supervisors, corporate asset managers, operations managers, planners, technicians, and often a combination of several of the above. 

Transformational Performance Solutions also offers to help work alongside your maintenance managers to coach one-on-one.

In some cases we can step into your operation as maintenance managers for a short period of time until you find the right person for the job.

Building a Business Case

Project Management Professional

Clients often need to show the financial value of improved reliability and maintenance. Transformational Performance Solutions has experience in coaching our clients to calculate and document a practical business case.

The variables are different in various industries and operations. The cost of unreliability is different for different clients. Most clients have the biggest financial impact from unreliability due to downtime, but some have high costs for unreliability due to many other variables as well that we take in consideration.